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Enlightened Living with Haute: The Wealth of Experience

At ASPAC, we’ve spent many decades understanding how to help our homebuyers achieve their life goals. We believe, on deep reflection, that what really matters is not the heft of a bank balance but the wealth of experience. In other words, we believe that true wealth lies in finding joy and fulfillment in what we do with our time, not what we own over time.

Discovering what is important to us is half of the equation. The other half is finding time to fulfill those dreams. ASPAC has developed a philosophy around real estate that seeks to help our home owners to bring the two halves of the dream together; we call it Enlightened Living.

And Haute magazine is one of the ways ASPAC is sharing its experience with followers, homeowners and investors.

Our worldwide reach enables us to meet a vast number of creators, thinkers and makers who are constantly reinventing the world we live in. From them, we learn so much. And we seek to share the knowledge of what is possible with our community. Helping them to discover their most meaningful desires is the first part of our mission. What’s new? What have they never seen, tasted, or worn? Where have they never been? Who have they never met? We help them to know the world more fully, so that they may know themselves — the first half of enlightenment.

The second half is to make it possible for owners to achieve the experiences that have the deepest meaning for them. Their home life needs to be managed in a way that maximizes their opportunities to act — to take time for themselves, time to be with loved ones, time to engage, time to travel. ASPAC seeks to augment the most precious resource of all — time. We want to make every second count.

Enlightened living is a new way to define what it is to live a rich life. We believe true wealth lies in the depth and breadth of life. Welcome to Haute — a gateway to the Wealth of Experience.


Ryan Laurin


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