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Milan-based Ichendorf adds cute to water


hat’s in your cabinet? An enlightened lifestyle brings meaning to even the most mundane activities. Like pouring a glass of water. Thanks to Ichendorf, the humble act of hydration can become a surreal safari to the petting zoo.

Designer Alessandra Baldereschi’s Animal Farm makes every sip a trip to a tiny glass menagerie. The cutesy creatures at the bottom of bottles and tumblers include a hippopotamus and a songbird on a branch.

Maybe you are inspired to try something a little harder than H2O?

If you want to spike a drink, maybe try the Hedgehog? A slow drink with a friend: The Tortoise and The Snail. A quick drink: The Rabbit.

Baldereschi’s wild imagination brings a whimsical flavour to every beverage you put in any of these seven tumblers, sixteen water jugs or three bottles with caps. It’s certainly a conversation starter. When was the last time you had a duck in your drink?


Photo Credit: Ichendorf