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Qeelin’s Wulu 18 Has a Prom

Where Youth Shines Eternal

Q eelin was the brainchild of cultural entrepreneur Dennis Chan, who dared to step back into China’s past to find his symbol of the future. His dashing Wulu calabash (also known as the “bottle gourd”) launched the company and his brand. Now, 18 years on, the iconic Wulu came of age at Shanghai Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2023, in a collaboration with Lü Yan’s Comme Moi label.

Wulu 18 remains true to the spirit of the original. Minimalist design with geometric studs create a mesmerizing, timeless effect that can be elegant or full-on “rock and roll.”

Founder and Creative Director Chan explains the energy of Wulu 18’s brand new gourd:

“In traditional Chinese culture, number ‘eight’ symbolizes wealth, of course. And the 18 is even luckier, since it sounds like ‘fortune for sure’. Being 18 is about being young, full of aspirations and drive. I wanted to capture that vivacity and vigour.”

On the catwalk, angelic actress Zhao Jinmai was the epitome of Wulu 18’s eternal youth, in stunning ensembles chosen by Comme Moi founder Lü Yan. Five sizes of pendants, brooches and necklaces graced the evening — worn against the chest for a classic look, matched with a brooch for doubled-up glamour, or with a leather strap for a choker or wristband. Haute loves the louche look of the waistband.

Waist not want not … Wulu is excitingly adaptable
Wulu 18 bringing rock’n’roll to Chinese heritage

Wulu continues to be Qeelin’s lucky charm for the next 18 years!