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We interview three new housemates with superpowers


hey call it horticultural therapy. In other words, the extraordinary ability that plants possess to calm the spirit and energize the body. Plants should be an integral part of every interior design palette. After all, is there anything they can’t do?

Houseplants can make the transition from indoors to outdoors seamless, especially if you have a balcony, helping us to feel that we are not so hemmed in. Or they can define a space if they are large enough — a lot easier than building a wall! Plants reduce noise levels: the large-leaved fiddle-leaf fig acts like a sound sponge, while the delicate fronds of the palm diffract noise.

Many people don’t know that the right plant can actually scrub the air, absorbing toxins and even reducing dust and pollen. And, of course, if you choose your plants with care, you can enjoy a range of fragrances which can be calming or invigorating.

Yet perhaps the most gratifying aspect of houseplant care — and the least scientific — is the companionship we feel for an old friend. This is a housemate who asks for almost nothing but a little water and fertilizer every now and then. There’s a soothing quality about a home that is full of nature; we evolved to be a part of it. Nurturing — and even talking to — your potted pal can actually be good for your mental health, reducing stress, lowering blood pressure and heart rate.

But … are you ready to become a plant parent? Do you have what it takes? In preparation, we interview three potential plant housemates to see which one would be the best fit for you.

Frondly supports One Tree Planted. And that means exactly what you think. Every plant you buy means one tree planted in a forest in Canada or an endangered habitat around the world.

Where to pick up sustainable plants?

Speak to your Frondly local supplier (and get 10% off!)

You may have heard through the grapevine that some garden centres aren’t the most sustainable places ever — all that peat mulch and unrecyclable plastic pots. Thankfully, help is on the way in the leafy form of Frondly Plants, the brainchild of founder Chad Camacho who grew up in sunny Trinidad. This is someone with a green thumb on the pulse of plantlife.

What does Chad have to say about houseplant homies and their impact on Mother Earth?

My aim is to be 100% carbon neutral in the coming years. We source our plants from primarily local growers so we’re not transporting plants from around the world.

We reduce waste by using 100% recycled packaging and we use as little as possible, and we offset the carbon we produce in manufacturing and transport.

A good way to offset emissions is by planting trees. At Frondly, we work with One Tree Planted so that every plant purchased leads to a tree being planted in the coastal forests of Canada or in the Amazon, Asia and beyond. They planted 50 million trees in 2020 alone!

Haute suggests that if you are going to become a plant parent you choose an eco-conscious supplier. So we’ve set up a deal with Chad at Frondly. Just say Haute magazine sent you and quote HAUTE10 at checkout to get 10% off your next plant purchase. Let’s talk plants!