Haute RE Magazine

We’re only going to have an impact if we start pulling in the right direction.

Haute is dedicated to Enlightened Living — making the very best use of every moment of every day. And, yes, that means we often recommend expensive products because we feel they last longer, deliver improved performance and give us more joy than faster, cheaper options. In a word, we believe that buying the very best is sustainable. 

Our combined spending power can change the way the world develops in the 21st century if we take an enlightened view of everything we eat, everything we wear, everything we do for workor fun. Some people call it ESG but we think Enlightened Livingis catchier! 

In this issue, we’re covering the waterfront of ESG — the environment, society and governance — which is really all about moving towards sustainability in all things. We investigate the climate healing power of seaweed with a real-life mermaid, discover how fashion can be slow and sustainable, and change the way we think about fast food delivery in a post-Covid world. Elsewhere, I’m enjoying sustainable Objects of Desire that go to show that a better world doesn’t have to be a boring world. 

And we’re delighted to showcase the Sarah McLachlan School of Music, where Sarah and her students show how music can break down walls of exclusion and nurture mental health for young people.

At ASPAC, we obviously have a big ESG footprint as part of a global developer. So I am going to explain where we are on our own sustainability journey alongside a deep-dive into how the passivhaus movement is changing the way we all build in Vancouver.

Sustainability means keeping our planet, our society and our city happy and healthy indefinitely — essentially the philosophy of First Nations. I’d commend that point of view to all of us as we face our common challenges with climate change, inclusion, equality and healing. In fact, we are adding an ESG section to every future edition of Haute.

Here on traditional Musqueam territory, we say:

ƛ̓a ceʔ šxʷtəʔes səw xaʔɬəmət ct kʷθə m̓is yəʔey̓əqtal̕xʷ.
That way we will be looking after the ones that come after us.


Ryan Laurin