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Welcome to Haute

First, thank you for diving into the inaugural issue of Haute by ASPAC Developments. 


he promise we make to our homeowners is Enlightened Living. Put simply, our goal is to build homes that help enlightened homeowners to live their best life — whatever they want it to be.

Haute is an extension of the efforts we take to make everything we do more meaningful. It’s a way for us to curate stories, photo essays, people and places that manifest Enlightened Living. I hope you make new discoveries, become intrigued, and are delighted or surprised with every issue we put out.

On to our first issue — Water.

For most of us, this post-COVID summer will be the strangest season of our lives. We’re trying to get back to normal, whatever normal is.

Living here in Vancouver, normal means meeting up with friends on a waterfront patio for drinks and fresh seafood, picnicking on the beach, or getting out on the waves on a paddle board or open sea swimming. The common thread is water, mostly salty, but fresh too. Water is the lifeblood of our city, even when it comes in the form of rain.

Sometimes, some of us become the fortunate few who find a place that feels so natural and so appropriate that it’s almost impossible to convey to others exactly how it makes us feel. It’s a place that calms us, excites, reminds us how it feels to be alive in the most dynamic way. For me it’s in water.

This first issue of Haute is ASPAC’s homage to the life-giving liquid that makes our city so unique. We’ve gathered together some of the brightest and best in architecture, design, cuisine and fashion to celebrate our watery world.

For Nancy Bendtsen, it’s liquid sunshine. For Chef Chen, it’s delicious clams, mussels and spot prawns. For others it’s a healing cup of tea, a walk in the woods, or a lifetime of artistic inspiration.

According to the USGS, 60% of our body weight is water — and our brain is 75% water. And if you live in Vancouver, my guess is that the percentage is a little higher! So, drink up this issue and soak up the summer.


Ryan Laurin


Ryan Laurin and Dante Cester of CESAR Kitchens

The views and opinions expressed in Haute are those of the authors and interviewees, not ASPAC Developments or its parent company.